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Georgia Council of MOAA Georgia Council of MOAA
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Georgia Council of MOAA

Georgia Council of MOAA
Georgia Council of MOAA Georgia Council of MOAA
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Georgia Council of MOAA
Georgia Council of MOAA
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Email Spoofing

"Email Spoofing" is a form of hacking where the email "header code" is manipulated to make it look like the email originates from a known sender. 

This makes it more likely that the recipient will reply to a request for bank account information, a wire transfer, or other funds transfer.

Here is an example of what a "spoofing" email might look like:

Unfortunately, there is no way to prevent these emails from occurring.  Instead, you must exercise discipline when reading ALL your incoming emails:

Here are some suggestions on ways to identify these email spoofs:

  • Check the "from" email and name.  Very often, they don't match.  But beware, sometimes they do match!
  • Be suspicious!  Any email requesting funds or having anything to do with financial matters should be deleted immediately.
  • View the Source Code to determine the true origination of the email.

If you suspect that an email is not authentic, you should:

  • NEVER click a link or open an attachment from an unknown source.
  • NEVER reply to these emails.
  • Add a spam filter to your email program that filters words like "bank", "wire" "transfer" and "funds"
  • Regularly scan your computer for Malware. I use

I am initiating global filters for all my client email servers that can reduce the incidence of these email spoofs.  However, there is no assurance that I can delete them entirely.

Here are some additional sources on email spoofing:

What is email spoofing and how can I tell if my account has been spoofed?

Hackers are using a devilishly clever fake email attachment scam to break into people's accounts

What To Do When Your Email Gets Hacked


Georgia Council of MOAA
Georgia Council of MOAA
Georgia Council of MOAA
Georgia Council of MOAA

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