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Georgia Council of MOAA

Georgia Council of MOAA
Georgia Council of MOAA Georgia Council of MOAA
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In September 2018, VA released findings from its most recent analysis of 2005–2016 suicide...
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Georgia Council of MOAA
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MOAA Connection

What is MOAA/USAA Council and Chapter sponsorship and how does it work?

As part of the USAA/MOAA affinity association, USAA is providing financial support to support various community focused projects and programs executed by MOAA’s councils and chapters during the 2019 calendar year. MOAA national will review the requests for appropriate use of funding and forward to USAA for contribution processing. In return for USAA’s sponsorship, USAA must be recognized as a sponsor or contributor at the applicable event. Please allow 60 business days for processing. 

How much support can we expect? 
USAA will provide up to $300 to support your chapter event or up to $800 to support your state council event. 

What is the best way to contact someone with questions on this program? 
Email to 

What type of information will be needed? 
Required information will include name and date of event, location, expected attendees, brief description and summary of your community service project/program needs, how you plan to recognize USAA and your council/chapter contact information. 

What are some of the types of events that can be sponsored? 
Some examples which would meet the spirit and intent of the program would be state council conventions; chapter events which recognize ROTC/JROTC students and enhance relationships with those schools; and golf tournaments or fundraising events for chapter scholarship or awards programs. 

What are some of the types of events that cannot be sponsored? 
Some examples which do not meet the criteria for funding support would be political or advocacy events; stand-alone chapter recruiting activities; chapter luncheon/dinner events to offset chapter member meal costs; and direct contributions to your chapter scholarship program; and USAA advertisements placed in council and chapter publications such as newsletters, member directories or convention programs. 

Do you plan to incorporate the USAA logo in any of your promotional materials? 
Approval is required for all usage of the USAA and national MOAA logo in your promotional materials. The only authorized usage for the logos are for newsletters, programs and signage. The USAA logo may not appear without the words “Sponsored by”, and only one USAA logo may appear in any one promotional piece. The national MOAA and USAA logos should stand apart from one another by at least one-half the width of the MOAA shield on all sides. Both logos should be isolated from other graphic and typographical elements in order to protect their brand identity. 

Each logo is shown with the registered trademark sign. MOAA will provide all logos for your usage upon request. Please contact for the logos. 

How do we request sponsorship? 
Go to this web form, fill out the information and submit. You will receive an email that confirms your request and lets you know when you can expect an answer. Please retain your electronic confirmation. 

How do I receive my sponsorship funds? 
Upon approval or your request, USAA will disburse funds approximately 5-7 days prior to the event. 

Georgia Council of MOAA

Georgia Council of MOAA
Georgia Council of MOAA
Georgia Council of MOAA

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